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In the wellness centre you will find two rooms where a range of massages are on offer, a Finnish sauna, infrared sauna,  Turkish bath and a bubble bath with a unique view to the Cathedral.




Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 07:00-11:00 ; 16:00-21:00

Saturday-Sunday: 07:00-21:00

Classic Swedish massage

Partial massage - back, neck /20 min./

3100 Ft

Refreshing massage  - legs, back, neck /30 min./

5400 Ft

Revitalizing massage – back, neck, foot, legs /50 min./

7800 Ft

Anti-stress massage

Aromatherapy – back, neck, arms, legs, foot    /60 min./

9500 Ft

Head massage /20 min./

2800 Ft

Face massage /20 min./

3200 Ft

Face and decolletage /30 min./

5400 Ft

Detoxification massage

Foot massage  /25 min./

4100 Ft

Children massage

Partial massage – back, neck /20 min./

2800 Ft

Refreshing massage - back, legs /30 min./

3600 Ft

Stone massage

Hot stone massage / 60 min./

8000 Ft

Hot stone massage / 90 min./

12000 Ft
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